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Minhajians served individually in different walks of life for about five years. It was felt afterwards that all Minhajians should unite at one platform to organize and make together their efforts. So a three-day meeting was called for all the Minhajians in Pakistan in June 1997. The establishment, objectives and line of action were decided and formal announcement of the Minhajians Day was made in June 1997.

Central Executive of 'Minhajians' was also elected in the same meeting and the First Constitutional Executive Council was formed. Its members were:

  • President Mr Naeem Anwar Naumani (1992)
  • Vice President Mr Muhammad Aqil Malak (1991)
  • Secretary General Mr Muhammad Abbas (1995)
  • Joint Secretary Mr Hafiz Asghar Javed (1994)
  • Secretary Finance Mr Muhammad Afzal Qadri (1994)
  • Secretary Information Mr Abdul Sattar (1996)
  • Secretary Training Mr Ghulam Rabbani Taimoor (1995)
  • Secretary Planning Mr Mustazhar Saeed Naushahi (1995)
  • Secretary Foreign Affairs Mr Sajjad-ul-Aziz Qadri (1994)

The Founder of the Movement honored Mr Naeem Anwar Naumani, the first president of Minhajians, with the title of Baba'e Minhajians (Father of the Minhajians) in recognition of his efforts conducing to the organization of Minhajians on one platform and for paying his services to this forum for two years.

Every alumnus of College of Sharia & Modern Sciences who has got the membership of 'Minhajians' is a member of the 'Minhajians Parliament'. The annual meeting of the Minhajians Parliament is held in August/September, in the central secretariat of the Movement. Analysis of the yearlong performance and progress of the Minhajians and future programs along with the elections of the new executive of 'Minhajians' are operated in the meeting.

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