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Dr Abdu` Razzaq Blackhirst delivered a lecture at The Minhaj University Lahore. His topic was "Relevance of Muslim Mysticism in Modern Times." Dr Abdu` Razzaq Blackhirst covered all the aspects of mysticism and called it the need of the day and taking arguments from the historical background. He said that mysticism was always relevant and important for human predicaments.

Elaborating the finite nature of human beings he said that the ultimate goal of human being must be achievement of infinite which is possible only through mysticism. He said that mysticism in classical Islam was a part of social fabric of Islamic society. But after the classical period life started compartmentalization as well as started going away form the values of Islam. So, this confusion and illusion developed that Tasawwuf is not part of Islam but is an alien thing to it. While the reality is that Tasawwuf deals with the real and constant values of Islam while the life is changing all modern technological developments are transitional and provisional. So the temporary things cannot be preferred on the permanent and constant values which are the subject of Tasawwuf. He said that the real aim of religion or Islam that is relationship of man with God is possible through only Tasawwuf through its methodologies of dhikr/remembrance which provides an eternal relation to man with his Lord free from all types of forgetfulness.

He also stressed that Tasawwuf is the heart, soul, nucleus and inner core or interior of Islam and without it Islam will only be a shallow and hollow entity. Stressing on the need of interfaith harmony he said that it is rhythm of life which is achievable by Tasawwuf and the same is the prerequisite of a permanent harmony of civilizations, religious and societies.

At the end of the lecture participants asked many questions which were entertained by the distinguished guest. Afterwards Brig Iqbal Malik thanked the distinguished guest.

Dr Abdu` Razzaq Blackhirst is a lecturer at La Trobe University, Australia. Dr Rodney Blackhirst`s research interests include Biblical scholarship, early Christianity and its Judaic context; Islam and its relationship to Judaism and Christianity. He is a regular contributor to a number of Journals; some of his articles published include Gospel of Barnabas; Plato and the Timaeus, Traditional Cosmology, The Temptation in the Wilderness in the Medieval Gospel of Barnabas, Shadows & Strife: On Islam & the West, Islam and Protestantism and Mysteries in the Holy Koran.

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