Session: 1996-2003

Hafiz farhan Sanai

Hafiz farhan Sanai S/O Sana ullah
Session-Roll: 2003-065
Date of Birth: 30 March 1977
Profession: Research & Development
Location: Gujranwala, Pakistan

Current Services

Research Scholar in Farid-e-Millat Research Institute, Lahore

Literary Works

  • I have been worked om many books by Quaid e Inqilab as a assistant: for example
    1. Seerat ur Rasool (PBUH) volume 10
    2. Asseran e Jamal e Mustafa (PBUH)
    3. Maraj al Bahrain fi Manaqib il Hasanain
    4. Alfauuzat ul Muhammadia (PBUH)
    5. Milad un Nabi (PBUH)
    6. Molid un Nabi (PBUH)
    7. Shamail e Mustafa(PBUH)
    8. Barkaat e Mustafa(PBUH)
  • I wrote final Thesis on "the differences in islamic jurisprudence between Sahaba Kiram, their reasons and the present age" which gained first position in class

Study Field

  • Islamic Aqaid
  • Tafaseer
  • Ahadiths
  • Islam & Science
  • Spirituality


  • Addressess on various occassions
  • Writing on many Islamic subjects


  • 1st year 3rd position in class
  • 2nd year first in Nahv exam
  • 3rd year first in Arabic test
  • 4th year first in writing competition
  • 4th year first in Nahv Quiz competition


  • First position in 4th class and gaining cup
  • In 5th class gaining wazifa


  • Gained cap (Makkat ul Mukarrama) and watch by Quaid e Inqilab
  • Quaid e Muhtaram added in my pay 15,00 permenentlay happing due to hardworking

Social Services

  • Trying to help the poor people
  • participating in funeral and marriage occassions
  • Participating in Tehreeki activities
  • Gaining modern and ancient education
  • Working for Islam in the light of modern thought


I want to request all Minhajians that they should much hardwork in their fields. They should not forget their mission which gave them all things. This mission is for the happily Allah SWT and His beloved Prophet (PBUH). I pray to Allah that He succeed us by the Tawassul of His Holy Prophet (PBUH) in our goal.

Education Details

Year Degree Insitution
2014 M.Phil Minhaj University Lahore
2002 B.A University of the Punjab
1999 F.A BISE Lahore