Session: 2006-2013

Syed Muhammad Rehan-ul-Hasan Gilani

Syed Muhammad Rehan-ul-Hasan Gilani S/O Syed Abrar Hussain Shakir-ul-Qadri
Session-Roll: 2013-004
Position: Gold Medal
Date of Birth: 14 May 1988
Profession: Education
Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Editor of Quarterly Farogh-e-Naat, Owner and Admin of Al-Qalam Publications, General Secretory of Nursi Foundation.

Current Services

  • Editor of Quarterly Farogh-e-Naat
  • Owner of Al-Qalam Publications
  • INSTRUCTOR, Hast o Neest Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts

Prev. Services

  • Served as Web Master in MIB
  • Assistant teacher of Co-Curricular activities in Shariah College
  • Sub Editor in Monthly Zia-e-Haram

Literary Works

1. The impact and influence of Night Journey of Prophet in Urdu Naat (Research Thesis M.phil,Urdu). 2. The Quranic Illusions in Masnavi Molana Room Volume 1 ( MA Thesis, Arabic). 3. Wisdom in the Poetry of Ali bin Abi Talib (BS Thesis.Arabic). 4. Etymology of Word Tasawwuf (Research Article,Published in Qindeel-e-Suleman). 5. LIfe of molana Room (Research Artilce, Published in Tulo e meher). 6. Review on various books of islamic Studies (Published in Various magazines) 7. LIfe of Badiuzzaman Brief Introduction (Book Published). 8. Research and indexing of Tehrer-us-shahadateen (Published). 9. Poetry, Naat, Manqabat (Published in Magazines). 10. Introduction to Risal-e-Nur/Translation from Arabic to Urdu (Published). 11. Kalimat Quarterly Magazine (Editor,Founder) (Published). 12. Work of Bediuzzaman (Article Published in Kalimaat). 13. Nursi's education in Pakistan (Arcitle Published in Kalimaat). 14. An approach towards literal and letteral meaning in the thoughts of Omar Khayyam, published in International Journal of the Asian philosophical association. 15. The miracles mention in As-Shamama Al-Anbariyyah min Mavlid-i-Kher-al Bariyyah publish in Al-Irfan, MUL

Study Field

  • Nursian Studies
  • Ilahiyat (Islamic Philosophy and theology)
  • Indology and Philosophy of Religion


  • Got one 1st and one 2nd position in annual Mushira held at MUL.
  • Got 1st position in speech competition during representing Shariah College in Jamia Noriya Rizviya Faislabad,.


  • Gold Medal for 1st position in Ash-Shahadatul-Aalamiyyah fil Uloom Al-Arabiyya wal-Islamiyyah session 2013.
  • 1st Position in BS (Hons) Arabic.


  • Gold Medal in Ash-Shahadatul-Aalamiyyah fil Uloom Al-Arabiyya wal-Islamiyyah
  • Scholarship in BS.

Social Services

Doing social services in various fields, have founder of orphan house in Lahore Panah Educational Institute,Founder of Public Naat Library in Attock


Dear Fellows! You are the most important part of this holly mission of MQI. Please be careful in your attitude, in your education and in every field of Social & Political life... Because people are observing you and making their views about HSI and MQI Please be a model for the whole nation because you are Minhajians.

Education Details

Year Degree Insitution
2016 Ph. D in Islamic Studies (Continue) University of Lahore
2015 M.Phil (Islamic Studies) University of Lahore
2013 Ash-Shahadatul-Aalamiyyah fil Uloom Al-Arabiyya wal-Islamiyyah Jamia Islamia Minahaj-ul Quran
2012 BS (Hons) Arabic Minhaj University Lahore
2011 Irfan ul Quran (Course) Nizamat-e-Tarbiat, Minhaj-ul-Quran International
2008 FA (General Group) B.I.S.E. Rawalpindi
2008 Al Lisan ul Arabi (Course) A.I.O.U Islamabad
2007 Arabi Urdu BolChal (Course) A.I.O.U Islamabad
2007 Alim Arabi Darul Uloom Muhammadia Ghosiah Bhera
2006 Matric (Science) B.I.S.E. Rawalpindi
2006 Adeeb Arabi Darul Uloom Muhammadia Ghosiah Bhera